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  • Gavi Docg
    Gavi Docg
    This is a pleasant straw-yellow color wine. Its scent is delicately vinous hinting to fruit. The flavor is dry, fresh, with fruity and aromatic acidity. This wine is at its best six to eight months after the harvest. It should be served at a temperature ranging between 8 and 10 degrees and goes very well with starters and especially all that seafood.
  • Langhe Arneis Doc
    Langhe Arneis Doc
    Roero Arneis is a harmonious and delicate wine with intense fruity and floral notes that are full-bodied, persistent and well-balanced on the palate. The light acidity is pleasurable and makes the product exceptionally vital. It is excellent as an aperitif and goes perfectly well with fish, fresh cheese and delicate vegetable-based dishes.
  • Barolo Bricco delle Viole Docg
    Barolo Bricco delle Viole Docg
    The cru Bricco delle Viole is made from Nebbiolo grapes of the vineyard located on the left of Sylla Sebaste winery in Vergne, Barolo. In the heart of the Barolo Langa this vineyard is located in an area of the Tortonian period characterized by Marne di Sant’Agata fossil. That determine a very fine texture of ...
  • Barolo Bussia Docg
    Barolo Bussia Docg
    This wine has a red garnet and shades of ruby red color which tends to turn to orange as the years go by. Its fragrance is made up of a bouquet of remarkable complexity, elegance and intensity, exceptional richness, harmony and completeness. From the fragrance of violet, rose and other freshly picked fruit it goes to the next evolution of the universe of spices.
  • Barolo Docg
    Barolo Docg
    Its origin stems from the excellent Nebbiolo grapes grown on the land close to the village of Bricco. It has a pleasant tannin quality and it is particularly pleasing if accompanied by red meat dishes. It has an intense ruby red color and it takes on an orange shaded color as it ages.
  • Nebbiolo d’Alba Docg
    Nebbiolo d’Alba Docg
    Tasting notes The idea of producing this Nebbiolo stems from the desire to offer an important wine which has a fresh and youthful body and can accompany all dishes. A wine that is flavored with hints of strawberry and raspberry. On the palate the taste is young and personal, harmonic and balanced, pleasant with little ...
  • Barbera d’Alba Doc
    Barbera d’Alba Doc
    Tasting notes The color is an intense ruby red with fresh living fragrances, pleasantly fruity in flavor; this wine is warm and robust, full-bodied, pleasurable and harmonious. Its full body and freshness make it ideal for accompanying main dishes and red meats. Basic information Product name: Barbera d’Alba Doc Vineyard: Barbera Denomination: Barbera d’alba Doc ...
  • Barbera d’Asti Docg
    Barbera d’Asti Docg
    This wine is produced using grapes that come from a vineyard located in the Costigliole d'Asti area. It is an intense ruby​​-red wine which develops slight garnet tones with time. The taste is dry with a solid alcohol content and well balanced acidity. Intense fruitiness with a scent of violets and with a hint of Coudron as it ages. It's a wine with a young and distinct velvety flavor and becomes austere and full-bodied with age.
  • Syllabo Langhe Rosso Doc
    Syllabo Langhe Rosso Doc
    A ruby red color tending to garnet; it has an elegant and distinctive bouquet, vinous, intense, with delicate scents of violets Its taste is harmonious, well balanced and dry at the right point with a very persistent taste of currant and almond. It is ideal for very rich pasta dishes with meat sauce and accompanies quite well the typical boiled Piedmont dishes.
  • Moscato d’Asti Docg
    Moscato d’Asti Docg
    Muscat wine is a dessert wine with a straw-yellow color with hints of white fruit, sage, flowers and an interesting fruity finish. It should be served chilled and consumed during the same vintage year.
  • Brut La Sylla
    Brut La Sylla
    A classic method sparkling wine. Its straw-yellow color is delicate and fragrant with hints of bread crust and it is rich in floral and fruity sensations. It is ideal as an aperitif and goes perfectly well with seafood and fresh water fish.